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The chosen Sheperd 

  • Baruch Adonai is a seed of GOD on this earth and everything @ Baruch Adonai is completely guided by GOD and we have been operating as per how the Holy Spirit GOD is directing us! 

Exodus 18:21

But you should also choose some of the people to be judges and leaders.

“Choose good men you can trust—men who respect God."

  • In Exodus 18th chapter - The way Moses was advised by his father-in-law, GOD revealed the same to us and HE chose a few among those whom HE has called as leaders. Thus we have formed different teams within our ministry. 

  • The purpose behind forming the teams is exactly what is mentioned in the word of GOD in Exodus 18th chapter. To enable seamless support and counselling to individuals and families, GOD has chosen those who can be trusted and who have gained the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT GOD!

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Lord's Spiritual House:


Philadelphia - The Brotherly love


Eli - The High Priests


Jehova Jireh - The Lord is my provider


First Fruit

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